Interview With Karl Sanders Of Nile

Interview With Karl Sanders Of Nile

By Keith Clement

It was a great pleasure to talk to Karl Sanders the founding member of the death metal band Nile from Greenville, South Carolina. The band was formed in 1993 and known for their ancient Egyptian Mysticism, History and Religion in their songs.

The Current line up

Karl Sanders  – Guitars, Vocals and Keyboards

George Kollias – Drums

Brad Parris – Bass

Brian Kingsland – Guitars

Hi Karl, Keith from Metalheads Forever Magazine, how are you today?

Hey Keith, Good man, how are you

“Vile Nilotic Rites” is scheduled for November 1st How do you feel about it?

It’s amazing man, had been waiting for so long

Can you please tell me about the writing process and it is the first album with Brian Kingsland, so how it worked in this album?

Man, Brian is an amazing guy, He is a great addition to the band, He brought 4 new songs to this new album, I’m so proud of the guys in the band, Its all about Trust and Respect we have for each other.

Vile Nilotic Rites is more heavy and the fans are going to love it, Nile is always getting better and better through each album, and its going to be more Nile.


What can fans expect from the new album?

Its one of the best production so far, Mark Lewis has done amazing job in Mixing and mastering the album a phenomenal producer. Like I said earlier, its more heavy and more Nile.

What are the next plans for the band? 

We will be starting our tour in USA and then followed by Japan, Australia and South East Asia.

Nile is entering the 25th Anniversary in making music, how do you feel about it?

It doesn’t feel like 25 years, man I feel like it was all yesterday, We are so proud of what we have done so far, and the fans has been so supportive and Nile has been giving them what they deserve.

What is the story behind Vile Nilotic Rite?

This is not a concept album or based on a single concept, its different songs a regular album but the roots stays the same.

Your Interest towards Egyptian History and Mysticism is revealed in your albums, do you travel to the country often?

Egyptian History and civilization has always amazed me, I don’t travel, Yes I do a lot of research on this, now we have Internet, History channel and lots of materials out there which help me learn a lot about this.

What is the best moment in your life?

There are lot many to talk about but one special would be the 2003 Milwaukee Slayer tour, that was an amazing one, Its an amazing thing and they are the greatest ones.

You have said the world is falling towards destruction lately, what made you think that humanity is reaching its end?

Haha, Nuclear Weapons, War, Killings that we see lately, One thing we do see killings each day, Rather than making the world a better place continents are using nuclear weapons, South Korea, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq we see weapons of mass destruction. Its scary man.


Do you have a message for the fans?

Thank you so much for the support to Nile, We are so honored to be playing for you, Listen to the new album and see you soon somewhere.

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement