Interview with LightFold

Interview with LightFold

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, how are you today?

Harry: Hello Metalheads magazine and metalheads all around the world. We are pretty good and ready to join the world around and play some music.

Tell us about Lightfold, how the band started?

Harry: Thanasis Labrakis and Theodore Martinis formed the band in the middle of 2012. The concept idea became active but some years later but Theodor left the band and the talented Martin Deathwalker took his place on vocals and songwriting along with Thanasis Labrakis. The band’s music genre is Power/Progressive Metal with atmospheric elements.

Deathwalkers was released early this April, how has the reception of the album overall?

Diogenes: The reception of the album has been overwhelmingly positive. Almost everybody who hears it absolutely loves it!


Greece has some great bands, how is it like to be from Greece and how is metal scene in Greece?

Thanasis: Greece is a paradise besides the crisis. We have great bands and it’s time to be explored.


What are the next plans for Lightfold?

Diogenes: To take over the world!! hahah

Harry: Our next plans include live shows inside and outside Greece.

Who were some of the great influences for starting the band?

Martin: Music of any kind affects you. The world you live, the books you read gives you inspiration.

Thanasis: I would say Rush, Dream Theater, Fates Warning , King Diamond was some of the bands that we all love.


Can each member of the band tell us, what metal means to you?

Diogenes: Metal means high-energy fun, and sometimes it means a night in the pit!

Martin: Is our way of life. All metalheads know what I mean.

Are you planning a world tour anytime soon?

Harry: Yes but we can’t say anything yet. Follow us in order to catch up all our latest news.


You guys do bring a lot of interesting things in each of your album, how do you plan and work on these concepts?

Diogenes: Any music I’ve ever tried to “plan” or “work on” sucks, so I just let it fall out of me, and that seems to work better.


Do you have a message for the readers and fans?

Harry: Always trusting themselves! Stay, true.

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