Interview With M.I.L.F.

Interview With M.I.L.F.

By Keith Clement

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith, the chief Editor, how are you doing today?

Hi Keith, I’m Simon the singer, nice to meet you, I’m pretty good thanks, how about you?


Tell us about the band, how did it all started for you?

Well, I’m in the band since 2017, and the same for the bass player. It all started with a call from Zip (guitarist) and he said that the band was looking for a new frontman, bass player and drummer, basically the band was formed with the two guitarists; after that call I texted to my best friend Mr Kaiser Lord Von Devo (bass Player) and I said “we have this opportunity blah blah blah” he said “why not, let’s try” and the rest is “history” ahahah but now just like a Phoenix we are reborn stronger than before, thanks also to my other best friend, the actual drummer Mick, basically I bought my “family” in the band ahah.


Why the name MILF 😀

Probably the two cofounder Zip and Ciccio  can explain better the decision of this name, but  MILF stands for “Make It Long and Fast”, they choose the name because everyone can remember MILF, you know what I mean 😉


Rolling Thunder is set for release in January 10th 2020, how has everything come up for the final release, and what do you feel about the album?

“Rolling Thunder” is my first baby with the band, I’m really proud of this album. It takes a lot of work for us, but in particular for Ciccio because it’s the producer. We’ve done a lot of rehearsal, a lot of riffs discarded, but the final result is fantastic! We are adjusting the final things for the release and than we’re ready to spread our word ahahah.


You have release two singles from the album already, Hottest Dream and Babe, both sound fucking amazing, how was the reception from the fans and critics?

Thank you very much! “Hottest Dream” and “Babe” are two really different singles, In my opinion “Babe” right now it’s more successful than “Hottest Dream” maybe because it was released weeks ago and not one year ago like “Hottest Dream”, but also because the sound and the songwriting quality is improved. If I have to choose between those two singles probably I’ll choose “Hottest Dream” but just because that song means a lot for me.



What are the plans for the band?

In this moment the release of the album of course, but we’re starting to write new songs, we’re talking about new videos, maybe a tour why not, but right now nothing is 100% sure.



Do you have a message for the fans?

Thank you for your support, the new album is a fucking bomb, stay tuned for the new video coming soon , and we hope to see you all at our gigs, Stay tuned Stay Milf!

Thank you again Keith, and a HUGE thanks from all the band.

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement