Interview With Member Of The Month – Jamie Jensen

Interview With Member Of The Month – Jamie Jensen

By Monica Redwine

Hello Metalheads!!! Allow me to introduce to you Metalheads Forever Member of the Month, Jamie Jensen! Jamie earned this title by being active within the group’s main page—he shares his videos, posts music, and comments and engages with others! Jamie is a phenomenal guitarist, a huge metal fan, and if anyone deserves the title of Member of the Month it is him! After visiting his page and discovering what an interesting member we had, I decided to go ahead and ask him a few questions!


  1. How old were you when you got into metal and what got you so into it?

From as young as I can remember I was bugging my parents to play Black Sabbath, Kiss, AC/DC, and Deep Purple records. So that was the start of it and it progressed from there.


  1. How old were you when you picked up the guitar?

I was about 6. My Aunty gave me a classical guitar. At the age of 10 after saving for 2-years-worth of pocket money I bought my first electric guitar.

  1. Do you play other instruments? If so, what?

Yes, I play bass and drums as well.


  1. Are you in any bands?

No band at the moment but I have played in many working bands over the years. At this point of time I’m writing and recording my own instrumental music.


  1. Who are a couple of your favorite guitarists?

Dimebag Darrell, Marty Friedman, and Joe Satriani

  1. Who influenced you the most to play guitar?

Black Sabbath and Metallica. Kirk Hammett was a massive influence for me.


  1. Give us your top 7 bands!

Pantera, Metallica, Anthrax, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Morbid Angel, and Carcass.


  1. Tell us what you love about Metalheads Forever!

It’s a great page for metalheads from all over the world to come together and celebrate the music we all love.


  1. Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself?

Yes. In the near future I will be releasing my own rock metal instrumental music. You can follow me on facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to keep updated with all of my covers and original music. Thanks so much for your time and support! \m/






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If you would like the change to be our Member of the Month make sure you are active, you share music and you interact with the other members! It’s that simple! And it could land you with an interview as well!

MHF Magazine/Monica Redwine