Interview With Steve Di Giorgio Of Quadvium

Interview With Steve Di Giorgio Of Quadvium

By Keith Clement


Hi Steve, glad to connect with you again for an Interview this time with a new band Quadvium, how are you doing my brother?

What’s up! Thanks for checking in…been real busy but the prospect of starting this new band is very exciting. We’ll try to get it all set straight for ya here, let’s go!


How did Quadvium started, and how the connection with Jeroen Paul Thesseling began?

Me and Jeroen met…oh, I dunno, many years ago. You know, when you’re two of the very few fretless bass players in extreme metal you just get to know each other. It was for sure over 15 years ago, but we were clearly aware of each other from the early Pestilence/Death days when we were both putting our mark on the world.


The Fretless Band, how did you come up with the concept?

For sure having a band with two bass players is a very unusual concept. I’ve been a guest on Rob van der Loo’s solo album, but just interchanging solos. And 2 of Jeff Hughell’s projects, just a small contribution. So for this band, this is totally new for me. To compose with who I consider – one, if not the best fretless bassist in the world. I think we mentioned it in conversation like 10 years ago to make a musical project together, but you know these things aren’t just something to jump into. The time had to be right, we think it is now.  And the inspiration is there, I think we are ready to just explode creatively and make something really trippy and different. We are still in the early stages at this point, so basically just formulating the physical pieces and exploring many ideas for musical enterprise. We are both super excited by the full lineup, such an amazing drummer and guitarist have decided to join us, and we’re really overwhelmed by the possibilities at the moment..!


How do you manage multiple bands at the same time, do you ever sleep haha

Almost no sleep and lots of outdoor fresh air..!! Seriously, my mellow physical demeanor is not even a slight reflection of my hyper mental frenzy. I can manage it, but it’s really just to counter my restlessness. Also put it this way; if someone had the chance to co-form an original band with such high caliber talent such as Jeroen, Yuma and Raphael… I mean, c’mon.


What are the plans with Quadvium, Will this be a long term band, is an album expected anytime sooner?

Sure, but there is no expectation or demands on long term or not. The main thing is to create and assemble our own sound in the time that it takes to make it. Our goal at this point is to establish our foundation and move forward with original compositions and character. And obviously make a convincing ensemble including two very eccentric predominately multi-string fretless bassists, and two very competent and awesome guitarist & drummer.


What is the concept you have put in Quadvium?

An instrumental journey thru a fusion of metal-rooted, all-world sounding-music. Our influences will surely come thru in the approach to the compositions but the result an amalgam of the carefully chosen masters on each instrument. Unique to their individuality but melding together from four different perspectives that will effectuate the Quadvium.


What are the other touring plans that is on schedule for you?

Testament’s new album comes out early 2020, so we have basically every territory planned out for tour in support of the new release. So time will be a commodity in the Quad, as we all work around each other’s busy schedules as well as accommodate the time zone width. We fully intend on bringing this group to performance status, solidifying the definition of “band”, staying away from the usual studio only project.


A pleasure to have another Interview with you Steve, will connect again soon? Do you have a message for the metal maniacs around the world?

Thank you so much for the attention and support, means a lot to me and the guys! For the metal maniacs out there, thanks for taking time to read and we always appreciate your support and enthusiasm. Please drop us a line, comment or feedback…always welcome connections for us!

SDG & The Quadvium

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement