Interview With Thunderspell

Interview With the Brazilian Heavy Metallers

By Keith Clement

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith, how are you guys doing?

– Hello Keith and readers of Metalheads Forever Magazine. We are very well, thank you for the support, it is an honor for THUNDERSPELL to announce the band at Metalheads Forever Magazine

Can you tell us how THUNDERSPELL was born?

– In mid-1999 in Belém do Pará Hugowar, Franklin Metal and Guto Steel had a dream of putting together a Heavy Metal band. influenced by bands like Judas Priest, Agent Steel, Helloween and Manowar. set up a band starting their activities playing covers. But the desire to play and create his own songs made Hugowar playing guitar began to make compositions for his band that at the time was called Fire Spell. until in 2003 he added his songs and his ideas to a band from his city called Via Crussis, which ended up joining the name with his band that at the time was called Fire Spell. and ended up riding the Fire crussis. at the same time they recorded a demo with 7 songs (4 of Fire spell, and 3 of Via crussis), the band lasted until 2005, as the members separated and each one returned with their original names. Hugowar also played in a band called Retaliatory (death / thrash). and ended up taking a break from his larger goal of setting up his heavy metal band. But the songs were recorded and kept, because Hugowar had not given up showing the world his work as a heavy metal musician. at the same time that he played in other bands they did new tests with other musicians to give continuity to his dream, he never gave up the difficulties encountered along the way. until in 2010 he was able to return with the band and a new name, Thunder Spell (the fire turned thunder), doing several shows in his city, nearby regions and in other states like São Paulo and Maranhão. they also managed to do shows with some international bands like Enforce and Steel Wings (sweden), U.D.O (former lead singer of Accept and one of the legends of the World Heavy Metal), and The legendary English band Tank


The band was evolved in 2010 and its been 9 years, how is everything going with the band?

– We are growing with each passing year. Our music is reaching places and countries that we never imagined before. Our first CD BATTLE SCREAM, released in 2015, had a great repercussion, our music played on several web radios around the world. We are an independent band, we do not have a record company giving support, so all the publicity work is done by the band itself. And yet we are optimistic about the future of the band. We recently released our EP – POWER, BLOOD AND GLORY independently and are working on the release of the EP. By the end of the year we will enter the studio to start recording our second official album

Being from Belem do Para (the amazon region) Can you tell us how it is feel to born and live in a place where many people would die to see once in a life time?

– People have a wrong view of the city of Belem. They think we live in the forest. Belem is a city like any other city in the world, with its qualities and flaws. Of course we have many problems, because Brazil suffers from the poverty, violence and corruption of politicians. But the people are a warrior and honest people. We hope to one day be able to bring THUNDERSPELL music to all corners of the world, so that everyone can meet the warriors of northern Brazil

Brazil is one of the metal capitals of the World, know for the amazing metal festivals, being from this land how supportive are the people towards Thunderspell?

– THUNDERSPELL in Brazil has been getting a great result. The band has already done two national tours, playing in the main cities, we played in the biggest heavy metal festivals in Brazil. At Maniacs Metal Meeting, which takes place in the city of Rio Negrinho – SC, we also played at the Guaru Metal Fest, held in the city of Guarulhos – SP, and at the Porthell Metal Festival, held in the city of Portel – PA. The support of Brazilian metalheads has been incredible in every city we play in the country, this support is the fuel of thunderspell, as this gives us more motivation to move forward with our music and we also make sure we are on the right track. We are working on the composition of our second album, and we want to reach more places in Brazil and the world with this new album


Initially the band went through a lot of changes, Is the current line up strong and have what the band really needs?

– We need a record company that believes in our music and is willing to work with the band on the release. I believe that by working with a label, THUNDERSPELL will have a wider reach. Everyone who listens to our BATTLE SCREAM CD has a great impact. Because we believe that we have a strong powerful music and we play the true metal without concessions, so if there is any label interested in THUNDERSPELL, we are open to negotiate

You were Invited to Participate a tribute to the Iconic Motorhead, how do you guys feel about that?

– We were invited to participate in the Motorhead tribute CD (Going To Brazil …. The Brazilian Tribute to Motorhead) by the English label SECRET SERVICE RECORDS. It was a huge honor for us, because Motorhead is a great influence for the music of THUNDERSPELL and also participated in the CD great bands of the Brazilian metal in the actuality. of whom we are admirers. We stayed for the version of the song One Night Stand, and I believe we did a great job with this song, we were elected by the Brazilian magazine Roadie Crew as one of the highlights of the Motorhead tribute CD.

What are the plans for the band in 2019?

– We are working on the release of our EP – POWER, BLOOD AND GLORY, scheduling dates of shows in some cities in Brazil. The band is finalizing the process of composing the new album, and will enter the studio in early December to start recording the band’s second album, still untitled. The band is motivated, focused and full of plans for the future, wanting to show their work to Brazil and to the world.

You released your EP Power, Blood and Glory this year, how is the overall reception towards this EP?

– It has been amazing to receive EP – POWER, BLOOD AND GLORY. surpassed our most optimistic expectations. The comments of the people who bought the EP are the best possible, satisfied with the quality of the EP songs. We were very happy when we heard positive comments about EP – POWER, BLOOD AND GLORY. Our goal is always to launch songs that motivate and arouse great feelings in the people who listen to our songs


How does ThunderSpell look into the future of the band?

– We are very optimistic about the future of THUNDERSPELL. For although we are still an independent band, we achieve great things. Everyone within the band is committed and focused, we are a team that works hard every day so that we can achieve our goals with the band. You can be sure that we will carry the heavy metal flag for a long time, where you have metalheads willing to listen to the real metal, there we will take our songs to them

Do you guys plan to do international tour to explore and introduce the band to the whole world?

– Yes we are working hard to make possible an international tour soon, this is one of our dreams and purpose. We now have the support of our friend Jeff Rose in the USA who is managing and promoting the band in America and soon we will be touring the United States of America. Anyone interested in bringing THUNDERSPELL to your country can contact the band’s facebook page. We will play with the greatest pleasure

In the last 9 years of making music, what is the best moment you guys ever had?

– The best moment is always the next show, because we love what we do, we love heavy metal, and we love being on the stage playing our songs for the metalheads. In those 9 years on the road all the places we touched were incredible and we took all the great moments and great friendships that we made inside our minds and hearts

Do you have a message for the fans?

First of all I would like to thank you Keith who has always supported THUNDERSPELL every time we need it. Thank you for this interview at Metalheads Forever Magazine, I hope I may have shown a little of THUNDERSPELL to anyone reading this interview. You metalheads who still do not know THUNDERSPELL, search our music on Youtube, Facebook and digital platforms I’m sure you will not regret. You can contact the band, it will be a pleasure to talk to you. Never forget, heavy metal will never die !!! Thank you

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement