Interview With Trollfest

Interview With Trollfest

By Keith Clement

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, How are you today?

Heya all good, How are you man


Tomorrow is the release for Norwegian Fairytales, how do you feel about the album?

The album is really good, we are very happy about this new album, We will be playing  tomorrow in Oslo in release of Norwegian Fairytales.


Can you tell me how  it all started?

In 2003 we were all from different bands met in a party and made some songs and put it on our website and this German label “Solistium” recognized our craziness and signed with us and Trollfest started writing more songs.


What is the most funniest moment in the life of Trollfest?

There is a lot and this one in particular is something I can never ever forget. We had this  show that we were invited to play  in Austria, Right from the start everything was wrong, There was no proper stage, so every band member was on different parts of the room, the venue was improvised. This all looked so crazy, Me and drummer on the middle, on the left side we had two and no one can see them, looks like they were playing for themselves and they got bored as hell, as they were playing for on one, Since me and the drummer were on the middle we had the audience attention and we had fun and there was technical problems too, this whole thing was shitty and cool at the same time and the guys on the other side had no idea what was happening so does the audience.

Plans  in 2019?

In the end of February we will be touring along with korpiklani in Europe by the end of  February.

And we will be  touring in England for HRH Metal Fest on February 16th and 17th

And we will be touring USA in Fall


Being a Folk Metal Band, do you always write songs about the folklore of Norway?

Most of our albums are not, but this album Norwegian Folktales is basically on the Folklore of Norway just like the name


If you had an option to do something other than music what will you be doing?

Ahh If there was an option, I don’t know, what can I do hahahah

I Would love to be a Millionaire…Just Filthy Rich

It would be Cool to be biologist…or any kind of scientist

What does your country men think about your music and how supportive are they?

They are of great support, we love to play for them,  And there are mixed reactions too in terms of Trollfest. we are very passionate about  music and we put a lots of effort to it, and always joking everything around the music, more like a comedy band, sometimes people like it sometimes they get offended, but in the end its all fun hahaha


Your band members are from different genre’s of music, how did you all come up to give something that is very different from what you came from?

Although we are from different genre’s from folk, Jazz, Rock, we all had something in common that is metal, and we love to do this and we are happy in doing this.


Any troll messages for your fans around the world?

Thank you Keith for having us, and Thank you everyone and helping us grow, Keep supporting us and don’t forget to buy our new album, See you all soon.


All Photo Credit goes to Trollfest and Vegard Haave

The Band:

Trollmannen (vocals)
Mr. Seidel (guitars)
Trollbank (drums)
Drekka Dag (saxophone)
Dr.Leif Kjønnsfleis (guitars)
Lodd Bolt (bass)
Fjernkontrollet (accordion)

Where To Find Us:

Web Site:




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