Introducing Entropia | The Melodic Death From Riyadh, SA

Entropia is a Melodic death Metal band from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 

We used to know each other from the metal community here in Saudi Arabia and we both had the same vision and we started the band 

The band originally formed by the Vocalist/Bassist Abdullah and the Guitarist Khaled C later on the drummer Hassan joined the band

The band is inspired by many bands such as Insomnium, Dark Tranquillity, Omnium Gathreum, Amon Amarth, Ellende, Agalloch, And many other bands but even tho we’re inspired by them we’re trying to define our own sound 

The debut song talks about a little story about Dracula’s will to his son and its called “Son of Dracula”

The second single “Born Unknown” Came out on the 15th of may and it’s from the upcoming EP that’ll be released soon 

Born Unknown Is the first track of the upcoming EP

 “Unhealable Scars”

Which is a concept EP that tells a story about a child who was Born Unknown and found himself lost in life struggles, The child started to grew up and Rising with Agony and getting those Unhealable Scars, The first track is the beginning of the story where the lyrics speaks for the child in his tongue, The lyrics talks about his feelings for being Born Unknown, The track is Heavy, Fast, Aggressive, To deliver the feelings of this child 

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