Introducing HomeGigs


A new innovative music community with merchandise marketplace and streaming functions.
Founded in 2020 by Stefan Schuchlenz, Astrid Kispert and a small team of developers and music lovers from Vienna, Austria, aims at bringing musicians, bands, but also organizers, promoters and music fans closer together.


“The music and event industries in particular have been severely restricted in the means of Running their business by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Due to the global shutdowns, companies and individuals are facing big economical challenges and even existential threats. With we want to offer opportunities to generate at least part of the usual (and required) income in the medium term by streaming concerts, jointly selling merchandising online and other attractive features, ” says Stefan Schuchlenz. consists of a social network where users can register for free and provide their content. The centerpiece are streaming online concerts with digital ticket sales functionality: if a user purchases a ticket online, he or she receives exclusive access using a one-time code and can then view the streaming event conveniently from their own home.

“The love for music and also the artists unites people. We want to offer a forum in which people can exchange ideas, discuss their various favorite styles and actively support the artists and bands they love. This is our contribution to the fight against corona.”, explains Astrid Kispert, co-founder of

In addition, a merchandise marketplace is in the works, which will allow artists to sell their goods such as shirts, hoodies, etc. online and thus generate additional income and make their own brand known to new audiences.