Introducing Of Sullivan, New Single “Apologies”

Introducing Of Sullivan, New Single “Apologies” + Official Music Video Out Now via TLG/INgrooves

“Apologies” is available at:
The video premiered today on Ghost Cult Magazine! WATCH the video here:

“Apologies takes you on a journey through the eyes of regret. You feel every emotion from sadness to rage as the story seems to be stuck in a vicious cycle. With soaring melodies and intricate flowing guitar riffs, the story unfolds into a feeling of a hope that is lost and a love that was torn away,” says Scottie Somerville, producer.

While seeking purpose during the worldwide pandemic, a passion project quickly grew into a serious undertaking by previous tour mates, Trent Sullivan and David Redding Jolly. Of Sullivanproduces dynamic songs, drawing influence from rock, jazz,metal, and even electronic sounds. Down-tuned guitars, melodic piano, gritty vocals, and big-room drums lay the musical foundation for You Never Know. Arriving in 2022, the debut EP is a unique approach to popular music, with no regard for genre-specific dogma.

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