Introducing The Violent Inzident


Underdogs of the world unite! Your saviors have arrived to give you more sh** than anyone has thrown at you — EVER.

The world’s first Post-Nu-Metal supergroup have arrived with an unhealthy mix of comedy and parody.

The Violent Inzident are here to correct what you think you know about Nu-Metal — in fact, about music in general.

Consisting of highly talented musicians who may or may not be members of other very well known non-post-Nu-Metal bands, The Violent Inzident is:

Tiny D — Wannabe rapper
C-Man — The guy who can actually sing
Bin Man — Bass and broomstick
Adidasshole — Guitar and sportswear
Monkeybird — DJ/samples/electronic noises and other unimportant things you can’t hear at all
General Jerkhov — Pots and pans 

Firing their first shot at world domination, The Violent Inzident will unleash “Nu-Metal!” on October 1.

This is just the beginning for The Violent Inzident.

Their debut masterpiece This Is Nu-Metal! is ready to roll and will be out on April 1, 2022 and plans for a stage show in 2036 that will make KISS look like your mates playing “Enter Sandman” at school assembly and Steel Panther sound like your Dad telling jokes at Christmas dinner.

Be afraid.
Be very afraid.
Or not. 

From October 1 on Myspace and all other-out-of-date social media platforms.

In the meantime….