Iron Fire ‘Beyond The Void’ Album Review

Iron Fire ‘Beyond The Void’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Crime Records/Power Metal

For the past year, Iron Fire have been busy celebrating their 20th anniversary in style by releasing a double disc of rarities, B-sides and live tracks that made hardcore fans of the Danish metal band drool with excitement. As the year ticked over to 2019, Iron Fire were already in the studio hammering out their latest release ‘Beyond The Void’.

With ‘Beyond The Void’, there seems to have been an evolution within the Iron Fire camp; although there are still touches of the classic Iron Fire sound here which had taken large parts of HammerFall, Iron Savior and Freedom Call, there is something more with this latest release. Iron Fire have pushed heavier than usual taking a leaf out of Iced Earth’s book. This change has more than worked in the favour of Iron Fire, this heady mix of traditional power metal and Iced Earth blend of thrash and power metal is exceptional, blasting this album with outstanding tracks such ‘Cold Chains of the North’, ‘Bones and Gasoline’ and ‘Out Of Nowhere’ with a barrage of blistering pace and melodic power that at times can be difficult to catch.

If ‘Beyond The Void’ proves anything it is that Iron Fire are seriously underrated; but this album allows the band to step out from their shadow and into the heavy metal limelight. ‘Beyond The Void’ is very enjoyable and Iron Fire may well have just released the album of the career!

Rating : 85/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann