IzenGard – Angel Heart Album Review

IzenGard – Angel Heart

Album Review By Rainer Kerber

Does anyone else know myspace? A few years ago, Ian Ainsworth and Den Tietze met on this social network. At that time, they worked in different projects. Later, they realized that they had the same musical roots. What could be more appropriate than starting a joint project later? That was the birth of IzenGard. When that was exactly, cannot be determined on the Internet. The fact is that they went together with Alison Tietze and the guest musicians Neil Ogden and Paul Hume into the studio. Even a top-class label deal could be pulled ashore. Thus, the album Debut “Angel Heart” appears on Massacre Records. Meanwhile, the lineup with Russ Vaughan and Gary Reece has been completed.

After a short acoustic introduction in “Demon Of The Night” the British set off. Sound wise, I will remember Saxon. So, singer Ian Ainsworth sounds a bit like Peter “Biff” Byford. The music is very catchy, and you can sing along with the chorus immediately. And Saxon like are also the guitar solos. Also the ballad “Heaven’s Bleeding” is reminiscent of the old masters of the NWOBHM. The extensive use of the synth strings fits exactly here. But from the middle the song rocks then really going on. Guitar solos … – but I already mentioned that. With “Loki” a great Hard Rock stadium anthem followed. “Love Never Dies” is another ballad that invites you to dream. With Alison Tietze IzenGard not only have a very good keyboardist in their ranks, but also a gifted singer. When you hear her short part in the classic rock song “She Comes Alive”, you wonder why she is not Ian’s duet partner more often. After the Hard Rocker “Love Me” follows the balladic interlude “The Passage” before the album ends with the title song “Angel Heart”. In this mid-tempo anthem, one last time a lot of bombast is driven up. At 7:40 this is by far the longest song on the album.

Ballads, hard rock blast, hymns – Rocker heart what you want? The album is fun from start to finish and does not get boring on many runs. “Angel Heart” is an outstanding debut. Since the lineup is complete, you can certainly count on one or the other live performance of the band. And they should have it in them. IzenGard have a lot of potential. And you can certainly look forward to the successor now.

IzenGard – Love Me: https://youtu.be/M6r1k5oxRlQ


Ian Ainsworth – Lead Vocals
Den Tietze – Guitars
Alison Tietze – Keyboards, Vocals

Guests on the album:

Neil Ogden (Demon/Lawless/Dirty White Boys) – Drums, Percussions
Paul Hume (Demon/Lawless/Dirty White Boys) – Bass, Backing Vocals, Guitar solo at “Love Me”

Current Lineup:

Ian Ainsworth – Lead Vocals
Den Tietze – Guitars
Alison Tietze – Keyboards, Vocals
Russ Vaughan – Bass, Backing Vocals
Gary Reece – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Label: Massacre Records

Out: December 6th, 2019

Playing time: 44:07

Track list:

  • Demon Of The Night
  • Heaven’s Bleeding
  • Loki
  • Dances With Dragons
  • Love Never Dies
  • She Comes Alive
  • Love Me
  • The Passage
  • Angel Heart

Rating : 9/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber