Japanese Thrash Metallers SHADY GLIMPSE Sign With Wormholedeath

Japanese Thrash Metal combo SHADY GLIMPSE have signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath for the reissue of their album “Supreme Gift”, which is due for re-release on December, the 17th via Wormholedeath worldwide.

SHADY GLIMPSE’ music is based on the 80’s Bay Area : digests and absorbs punk, funk, disco, hard rock, and death metal. As the name SHADY GLIMPSE suggests, it will be a light that gives color to the underground.

1.The New World

2. DIOVig-C

3. S.S.D -System Shakedown-

4. Solar & Green

5. Killing After Midnight


7. Silver & Gold

8. route 56

9. Liar’s desire

10. Stairway to Stupid


12. H8! I’m D1

13. G.G blues


Shinya(Gt) changed his band name “VACUUM” into “SHADY GLIMPSE”. Original members were Shinya(Gu), Yuichi(Vo), Masashi(Ba), Hiro(Dr). They released their 1st Album “Fear Of The Thrash Box” on 7th Dec , 2005.

Featured in some magazines and first pressed CDs were soon sold out. They toured in several places in Japan and in the event “PARADISE MIXER” in Tokyo, Hamamatsu, Nagoya, Osaka. 

After Hiro left the band, Hi-chan (NAQRO) and Junichi (SIGH) joined Shady Glimpse . 

On 29th Sep in 2006 they released their 2nd Album “Thrashing Japs”.

They were featured in “Red Hot Burning Hell vol.12” “PARADISE DRIVIN'” and supported overseas bands tour. (In Flames, AGNOSTIC FRONT, MURPHY’S LAW, VADER, DESTRUCTION). The band played some gigs in Europe and Australia. They released their 3rd maxi single “Ear Thrash : earth rush” on 22nd Feb in 2008 and their 4th album “THRASH Refrain / SPLASH ref:rain” on April 11th in 2010 . Two Best albums  were released on 19th Jan in 2016 and on 10th May in 2017. And they’re keep on thrashing!


FEAR OF THE THRASH BOX – Lights out records (CD, 2005)

THRASHING JAPS – Lights out records (CD, 2006)

ear thrash / earth rush – DAIKI sound (Single, 2008)


THRASH Refrain SPLASH Ref:Rain – ShotGun records (CD, 2010)

Shadow’s Garden – ShotGun records (EP, 2013)

SOUND GRADATION – ShotGun records (EP,2017)

Supreme Gift – Wormholedeath (CD, 2021)


Shinya Sakai: Guitar
Yuichi Takei : Vocal
Tomohide Shimizu : Bass Guitar
Yasuhiro Nishiyama : Drums