JoeyDiabolic Released New EP mute

Released on the 6th of June, 2022, solo artist and multi-instrumentalist JoeyDiabolic‘s new EP mute is a dynamic offering including instrumental renditions, and a thematic reprise, of select compositions featured throughout the 3-year ‘Through Soundwaves’ series.

When asked about the mute release, Diabolic had this to say…

“I wanted to explore these compositions in a way I haven’t since the original writing and recording sessions. Without the vocals being front-and-center, these songs breathe new life in a very unexpected way… allowing your mind to wander these musical corridors without a guiding voice creates a vastly different listening experience that I find incredibly fulfilling… inspired to continue this release strategy for future works”.

JoeyDiabolic has been serving up heady, post-goth since 2019. Originally performing as Martyr Art (previously Dislocate), JoeyDiabolic merged his talents as a producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, engineer and multimedia artist to create a truly unique sonic landscape. Diabolic records every instrument and completes the entire production process as well, forging compositions that are all his own. His cinematic works infuse rock, goth, 80’s horror, metal, synth wave and post-hardcore into an unexpected tapestry of sound.

Throughout his 22 year career, JoeyDiabolic has shared stages with Corey Glover (Living Colour), Doyle (The Misfits), Fear Factory, Machine Head, KMFDM, Crowbar, El Nino, Chimera, Drowning Pool, Moon Tooth, Immolation, Brick By Brick, Saul Williams (NIN Collaborator) and Mama Doom.

Included in this 16 minute release:
01. Surreal Love (instrumental)
02. As Darkness Embraces Light (instrumental)
03. I Am The Shadow In Darkness (instrumental)
04. Son of A Hundred Maniacs (instrumental)
05. The Current Subsides (reprise)


mute track-by-track breakdown…

‘Surreal Love’ features a vast range of influences, many of which are unexpended for the JoeyDiabolic catalogue. John Mellencamp, Billy Joel, Sisters of Mercy, New Kids on the Block, Van Halen, Depeche Mode, The Cars and Genesis are just a few to appear throughout this song… talk about 80’s nostalgia.

‘As Darkness Embraces Light’ conjures the light of Deadmau5 and darkness of Nine Inch Nails all while processed through the lens of ‘Stranger Things’.

Step into and stroll throughout the unsettling atmosphere of ‘I Am The Shadow In Darkness’ …a composition channelling gothic and psychological horror vibes to your inquisitive delight.

‘Son of a Hundred Maniacs’ is inspired by the visuals and soundtrack work explored throughout the multi-dimensional ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ film series.

Heavily influenced by the writings of My Dying Bride (specifically their work on ‘The Angel & Dark River’), ‘The Current Subsides’ evokes and concludes mute.