Kryptos – Afterburner Album Review

Kryptos – Afterburner

Album Review By Rainer Kerber

“Old School Heavy Metal with Thrash Edge”, it says in the press release. This sound is usually expected from bands from the UK, Germany or the USA. But Kryptos are from India, specifically from the 11 million inhabitants metropolis of Bangalore in the south west of the Indian subcontinent. So far, the musicians have released four albums. In 2010, they toured Europe as the first Indian band, three years later, they convinced at the Wacken Open Air, also as first Indian band. In keeping with their twenty-year anniversary, Kryptos have released their fifth album “Afterburner” in June, with which they will tour Europe again in the summer.

Already the opener and title track show clearly where to go. The Indians celebrate an Old School Heavy Metal tour de force. Twin guitars in the best NWOBHM manner are heard here. In addition, the slightly scratchy voice of Sanger, which gives the songs a slightly thrashy impact. “Afterburner” is merciless high-speed metal at its best. And that’s exactly how it goes with “Cold Blood” on. The drummer is constantly pushing his colleagues forward. But the guys can not only do fast riffs. No, even outstanding solos can be heard. Kryptos fire one metal grenade after another at the listener. Whether “Dead Of Night”, “Red Dawn” or “On The Run”, you simply have to circle your hair with these songs. Unlike pure Thrash is not just beat forward here. The musicians always place much emphasis on the melodies. And for the grand finale, there is also a metal anthem to hear with “Into The Wind”.

The album was in heavy rotation with me in the last few days. I like “Afterburner” better with each run. A great album. Of course, I wonder why I did not have Kryptos on my metal radar yet. And live, these songs are certainly even more effective. I certainly will not miss the opening show of the European Tour in Hamburg!

KRYPTOS – Mach Speed Running:


Nolan Lewis – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Rohit Chaturvedi – Lead Guitar
Ganesh K. – Bass

Label: AFM Records

Out: June 21st 2019

Playing time: 39:41

Track list:

  • Afterburner
  • Cold Blood
  • Dead Of Night
  • Red Dawn
  • On The Run
  • The Crimson Queen
  • Mach Speed Running
  • Into The Wind

Rating : 9/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber