Taking the world by storm, L00PING the noisegazer-industrial rock titans from London, Ontario release their new EP “Zero Point Energy” today. Listen at THIS location. 

“The EP is finally out! We have been working on it for so long and can’t wait for everyone to hear it. We’d like to thank the London Arts Council, Cherry-Ann Hoe, Maks Milczarczyk, Natalie Pannaci, Anthony Di Fazio, and Isaac Ferguson for helping us along the way,” says Evan Martin (vocals/guitar).  

L00ping has quickly exploded onto the worldwide industrial rock scene. Backed by aggression and harsh soundscapes, the EP has a lot to unpack. It deals with intense fits of anxiety, pulling the listener in as if they are experiencing these emotions themselves. The EP was named after a term in quantum mechanics and recorded by Ian Gomes at Union Sound in Toronto.  

“Zero-Point Energy” is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical system can have. It’s like turning off a lightbulb but you can still see a tinge of light in the filament or if you turn your headphones all the way down you can hear a very small amount of audio. 
That would lead you to believe there it’s not truly off and that you can turn the volume/light down to complete silence/darkness, but there is no other way to do so. There is no complete off switch for these systems and that, theoretically, there is this ambient ground level of energy surrounding everything almost like the bedrock of seemingly everything. I’m by no means an expert on this topic and if anything, I’m a casual enthusiast on all things quantum mechanics related. However, I took that idea of an energy bedrock and spun it as a way to look at someone at their “lowest” and that there is still something there keeping them all together and functioning,” explains Martin. 

Last week, the band premiered the EP via Radio Western’s “Chin Music” show. Listeners tuned in for a first listen live on-air along with an interview with Martin. Naturally, airing the EP exclusively via Radio Western felt like the perfect way for the band to kick off release week. The station has been operating throughout the band’s hometown since the early 1980s and is a big supporter of local and underground music. 

L00ping  is reminiscent of a 1980s era Sonic Youth and early Nirvana messing around with harsh noise samples. They are broken, loud and abrasive. Often, an overlooked genre, the band’s quirky song arrangements are here to push boundaries and take the genre where it hasn’t gone before. Members include Evan Martin on vocals and guitar and Laurie McColeman on bass.

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