LEAD MIK MIROIR Unleash ‘Forbidden’ New Album “Even Poser”

After several days of struggling with digital stores and platforms that tried their best to stop the release originally planned for November 18th, Volcano Records is finally able to announce that LeaD MiK MiroiR’s new album “Even Poser” is finally out. 

The record includes ten original and abrasive tracks that show the personal style of this Italian band that shakes together rock with punk, grunge and noisy sounds in a kind of psychedelic approach. Under the surface of a unique soundscape, LeaD MiK MiroiR send out their point of view on reality with very intense lyrics full of strong and powerful themes. 

The single ‘Metastasi’ released on YouTube with a video reserved to adults for strong and controversial contents, is the perfect launch pad for the entire album. 

LeaD MiK MiroiR is a divisive band that is not going to be liked by everybody, but this Italian young combo is undeniably true and radically connected to the actual times of wars and conflicts they observe and narrate through their music.       

Listen to “Even Poser” on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/album/2jlK8fAmjZ4ScCRd9ocn1Z?si=QFYvjPj4Szu7eBVJUb0cyQ
Check out the video of ‘Metastasi’ here: https://youtu.be/pz5ctL8Wg2k

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