Leathürbitch – ‘Into The Night’ Album Review

Leathürbitch – ‘Into The Night’

Album Review By Adam McCann

High Roller Records/Heavy Metal/Speed Metal

Leathürbitch made quite a bit of commotion with their debut EP last year and now, the band are striking whilst the iron is hot by delivering their first full length studio album ‘Into The Night’.

Following almost perfectly on from their EP, give or take a few production tweaks here and there, ‘Into The Night’ could easily have been released in 1987; it is this classic heavy metal vibe which makes this album instantly appealing. Metal fans will be instantly able to pick up on the 80’s Judas Priest influence, but scratch beneath the surface here and there is Exciter, Agent Steel and Razor all adding an element of speed metal into the mix, especially during ‘Killing The Silence’ and ‘I Want What You Got’. But, just when its possible to suss out Leathürbitch, ‘Into The Night’ throws down the infectious likeability of Sunset Strip on to the album with anthems like ‘Sleaze City’, ‘Killer Instinct’ and ‘I’m Insane’, the latter of which is actually a decent cover of the 1984 Ratt song.

The appeal of ‘Into The Night’ grows fondly, the album does not go on forever and at 33 minutes, it is the perfect length to leave the listener begging for more and because of this, there’s only one thing to do… play it again!

Rating : 75/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann