Legacy of Kain and Leandro Caçoilo together in astonishing version of Maroon 5

Legacy of Kain and Leandro Caçoilo (Viper, Eterna) together in astonishing version of Maroon 5

Surprising and going beyond the obvious has always been a constant in Legacy Of Kain’s career, whether taking risks on tours in unusual regions and outside the main axis of Latin America, addressing pertinent – but forgotten – issues about Brazilian indigenous people or ‘metallized’ reinterpretation of songs from the pop scenario. And it’s at this last point that the band returns, paying homage to Maroon 5 with an energetic and brilliant version of ‘No Curtain Call’.

If previously Legacy Of Kain had the participation of Fernanda Lira (Crypta, ex Nervosa), for ‘No Curtain Call’ the guest name is Leandro Caçoilo (ViperCaravellus, ex Eterna)
In addition, ‘No Curtain Call’ features Caio Pimentel in his first recording as the official vocalist of Legacy Of Kain and brings Markos Franzmann, former vocalist of the Legacy Of Kain itself in the role of drummer, in a special appearance.
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Legacy Of Kain is:
Caio Pimentel – vocal
Karim Serri – guitar
João Lavinas – bass
Phelype Maito – drums