León De Marco | Consequences

Consequences is a progressive metal opera rock composed by León de Marco, a Mexican artist, developed in a 60-page comic divided into 10 chapters each accompanied by a piece of music. His chronological order is in back-words, showing first the consequence and then the cause, a little bit different from the usual stories.

Consequences is based on current real events (data collected from Mexican youth themselves during a tour of didactic concerts in 2014), situations that adolescents and young people experience every day that they often don’t know how to solve due to their inexperience, abandonment from their parents and a lack of trust in the adults surround them. Issues such as unwanted pregnancies at an early age, suicide, violence, drugs, sexual abuse and social networks used without responsibility (cyber bullying) are the main character of this story. It is a work that exposes the shortcomings of current family and social education, the lack of respect for human beings and the result of each one of our acts.

This metal opera promotes drug prevention, sexual education, values, self-improvement, family and social integration and the prevention of violence and crime, in one sentence, it promotes respect for human beings. It integrates live progressive rock metal into his performance, 4 musicians, 6 singers and a comic that, hand to hand by live music, tell us the love story of 2 teenagers which is complicated by bad decisions, ending in tragedy.

Target audience: Mainly parents and the general public from 13 years of age.