Following on from the indeliable “Haunted”, alternative emo/pop punk formation Light Grey now shares energizing video for another single off the group’s sophomore EP – “Are You Even Real” – the refreshful “Messed Up”! A 3 minute and 25 second fusion of punchy electronic sounds and scratchy pop punk grit, “Messed Up” introduces itself with a megaphonic wave that is consistent throughout, while the chorus explodes with sound, like a confetti blaster. Part of what makes “Messed Up”, so relatable are the sincere lyrics, which are in perfect synchronicity with the aesthetics of the respective music, which is one of the most distinctive qualities of the band.

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Light Grey shares additional details that are relevant to the creation of “Messed Up”“The central theme of the song pulls on the hurtful words people use in the heat of the moment and that no one really means what they are saying when it comes to these words. This song serves as a middle finger to anyone who throws hate around. For the video, we were really inspired by the recent resurgence of fish eye lenses in music videos. It makes everything look like a 90’s skate video and I think that fits perfectly because the track sounds like it should be in a Tony Hawk video game. The video also pays homage to the hallmark of scratchy graffiti writing that seems to show up quite frequently in every era of punk.”

“Messed Up” is off Light Grey‘s EP “Are You Even Real” – now available everywhere!


1. “Are You Even Real”
2. “Messed Up”
3. “Haunted”
4. “Prblm”
5. “Disassociate”