LINUS KLAUSENITZER (Ex-OBSCURA) Debuts New Single, “Sehraff”

Debuts New Single, “Sehraff”

First Solo Album, “Tulpa,” Out Oct 6th

Renowned bassist LINUS KLAUSENITZER, has released a new single, “Sehraff,” from his highly anticipated, debut solo album, “Tulpa,” that’s out October 6th from AOP Records. Watch the lyric video here:

Commenting on the new single and video KLAUUSENITZER says:

You may be wondering about the spelling of the song title. The album is about a book that describes the creation of 10 different humanoid creatures. The servant of the Lord who created the creatures wrote the name of the seraph in this wrong spelling. In German it means something like “all monkey”. Because of the uplifting nature of this song, I found this fun fact to the title appealing.”

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Each song on “Tulpa delves into one of these intriguing beings. From the cunning and political prowess of the ‘King’, to the divine messages delivered by the ‘Seraph’, and the evil presence of the ‘Red Ghost’, each character is brought to life through the sounds of melodic and progressive metal.

Tulpa” showcases KLAUSENITZER’s versatility as a musician and composer, featuring a blend of technical playing and catchy hooks that will captivate listeners from start to finish. Mostly known for playing complex music, he aimed to make this album a collection of accessible and approachable songs. KLAUSENITZER’s signature 6-string fretless bass sound remains prominently featured, providing a strong foundation for each composition. The album takes the listener on a wild ride through complex musical landscapes, each track building upon the last.

With its powerful vocals, intricate arrangements, and thought-provoking lyrics, “Tulpa” is a must-listen for any fan of heavy music and anyone who loves to be transported to otherworldly realms.

Tulpa” Tracklisting: 
1. King Of Hearts
2. Axiom Architect
3. Our Soul Sets Sail
4. Sehraff Streaming
5. Sword Swallower
6. Sister In Black
7. The Devil’s Tongue
8. Queen Of Hearts
9. Dig Deeper
10. Lunar Assailant

Tulpa” Album Credits:

Linus Klausenitzer: 
Fretless Bass, Fretted Bass, Synths, All Music & Lyrics

Javi Perera (Obsidious): Vocals
Ian Waye (Soreption): Lead & Rhythm Guitars (All Songs)
Aaron Homma (Annihilator, Killitorous): Lead & Rhythm Guitars (“King Of Hearts”), Acoustic Guitars (All Songs)
Vanesa Jalife: Piano (All Songs)
Hannes Grossmann (Alkaloid, Triptykon, Ex-Obscura, Ex-Necrophagist): Drums (All Songs)

Guitar Solos:
Roland Grapow (Masterplan, Ex-Helloween) – “King Of Hearts”
Phil Tougas (First Fragment, Chthe’ilist) – “Axiom Architect”
Ian Waye (Soreption) – “Our Soul Sets Sail” / “Sehraff Streaming” / “The Devil’s Tongue” / “Queen Of Hearts”
V. Santura (Triptykon) – “Sword Swallower”
Dee Dammers (U.D.O., Dirkschneider) – “Sister In Black”
Chris Hermsdörfer (Beyond The Black, Serenity) – “Dig Deeper”
Nicolas Alberny (Gorod) – “Lunar Assailant”