Listen To The “Whispers” – HUNTING GIANTS Enchant Their Next Tale From “Mythos”

Listen To The “Whispers” – HUNTING GIANTS Enchant Their Next Tale From “Mythos” w/ New Animated Music Video

New Album “Mythos” Out Now!

L-R – Corey Wharton (Bass), Bradley Trivett (Guitar), Daniel Beavington (Drums), Stephen Atkey (Vocals)
Photographer Credit – Bradley Trivett

“Mythos” is the second release from Canada’s Hunting Giants following their 2018 EP “Skyward Eyes”. They have upped the ante with this new record, offering bigger riffs, wilder stories, and more layers to entangle listeners. In the wake of the album release, they are now showcasing an animated video for the instrumental single “Whispers”, which replaces vocals with grand piano for a haunting and mysterious atmosphere. The band comments on the album:

“Mythos is the crowning achievement of our musical work as a band and we are incredibly excited to finally share it. This album is the product of years of writing and recording while gigging and enduring as a band under quarantine. We have crafted thirteen energetic tracks with diverse emotional and thematic textures. Our team has worked incredibly hard on this album, from pre-production, through the recording, mixing, and mastering process. We give special thanks to our producer Kirby J. Kaye for his wisdom and patience. Mythos is a mosaic of archetypes; an exploration of varying values and beliefs and the results that these actions have upon our lives, all set within a context of mythological fantasy.”

Hunting Giants was formed around the idea of taking the rich experience of progressive metal and compacting it into short and lean hard rock songs that quickly get to the point without losing the punch and depth the genre is known for. Their songs are absolutely a collaborative effort. Where each member of the band has a voice, and no one has veto power. They bounce ideas off each other frequently and build things together early in the songwriting process and the result is music far beyond what any of them could individually make.

Influenced mainly by progressive metal and groove metal, Hunting Giants also looks to other genres from glam rock to classical. They are recommended for fans of Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, and Audioslave.

The animated video for “Whispers” can be seen and heard at

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Digital – Huntinggiants.bandcamp.comApple MusicSpotify.

Music Video – “Ancient Text” –

Music Video – “Ritual” –

Lyric Video – “Too Big To Kill” –

Track Listing:
1. Mythos – 3:28
2. Ancient Text – 3:18
3. Too Big To Kill – 3:06
4. Rituals – 3:57
5. Among Thieves – 5:28
6. Whispers – 2:16
7. Vanguard – 2:54
8. Mantle – 3:19
9. Kindred – 4:05
10. Epitaph – 1:09
11. Into Stone – 4:55
12. Remnant – 4:00
13. King of Ashes – 2:52
Album Length: 44:49

Hunting Giants is:
Corey Wharton – Bass Guitar
Stephen Atkey – Vocals
Bradley Trivett – Guitar
Daniel Beavington – Drums

For more info:

Hunting Giants is a four-piece heavy rock band from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

This unique group of musicians offers a spectacular visuals-driven live performance that exceeds both the precise ferocity of their recordings and the highest expectations of an energized audience looking for something recognizably different. Their music is both refreshing and familiar, serving well as the musical backdrop for one’s ongoing discovery of meaning in life and self.

Hunting Giants was started in 2017 with Bradley Trivett assembling the first musical themes and combining the percussive expertise of Daniel Beavington with the explosive rhythmic prowess of Corey J. Wharton into the foundation of a team set to discover and dominate the most enormous sounds and daunting massive ideas they could find. Led by the visionary passion and styling of frontman Stephen Atkey, Hunting Giants is poised to deliver an incredible auditory and visual experience.

“Hunting Giants stake their claim as a powerful new force in the Pacific Northwest metal scene…this band is absolutely one you’ll want to keep an eye on.” – Wail Magazine

2022 – Mythos – LP
2018 – Skyward Eyes – EP

Shared Stage with:
Unleash the Archers, Wednesday 13, Ophelia Falling, Kayas, Vessel, Sick Logic, Dark Stone