LIVE LIKE ANIMALS Release Their Entrancing New Single ‘Bleach’


Sydney Based Alternative Pop-Metal Rising Stars Release Their Entrancing New Single ‘Bleach’

Sydney based Alternative Pop Metal Rising Stars Live Like Animals just dropped their entrancing new single ‘Bleach’. Treating the listeners to savagely powerful riffs, methodical fretwork, superbly tight rhythm section, anthemic choruses and rising pulses of synth, ‘Bleach’ showcases a band that is bold and confident in their signature sound. 

This energetic composition heralds a propelling intensity which is tastefully punctuated with stripped back verses saturated in undulating synth, clean guitars and Vocalist Nic Roy’s catchy melodies. The chorus projectiles the song in a heavier direction with crunchy distorted guitars, an upbeat drum & bass groove and industrial synth layers encapsulating a rawness amongst the vibrant instrumentation and accompanying music video. ‘Bleach’ is a genre transfiguring sonic assault with high quality production and ever present pop & metal sensibilities highlighting Roy’s impressive vocal range that effortlessly oscillates between softer tones, powerful belts and fry screams, reminiscent of Bring Me The Horizon and Twenty One Pilots.

Vocalist Nic Roy on the new single “Like many facing lockdown in 2020, I turned to my creative craft to manage the isolation. I looked to my musical influences for inspiration and found the way to handle my fruitless productivity was to invest myself into my more eccentric emotions. In this sense, Bleach allowed me to delve into my frustrations with society’s inability to accept and tolerate. Taking these first harmonic demos to our lovable producer, Brad Telfer, he was able to harness our original melodic ideas into a fully fledged lockdown anthem. I have to give major props to Harry, who directed our music video, and to Ryan, who was stuck in a gas mask and boiler suit for the whole day! Bleach represents a big creative shift for us as a band, and marks a new era of Live Like Animals”

Coming off successful releases of their singles ‘Colourblind’ & ‘Zenith’ which garnered the band national coverage and airplay on reputable stations such as Triple JJJ, Short.Fast.Loud, the band showcased their vigorous performance and established a cult following in Sydney. Wielding their unique brand of pop metal and with new music in the works, Live Like Animals are back with Stadium-Ready, Modern and Violent Pop-Rock to take over the Alternative Music Realm!

Live Like Animals are represented by Hard Drive Agency


Written & Performed by Live Like Animals.
Engineered & Mixed by Brad Telfer
Mastered by Brandon Lloyd
Artwork by Brandon Lloyd
Photography by Harry Vincent 
Music Video by Harry Vincent