LIVING DARKNESS: ‘The Bishop’ sign with Metal Assault Records

Living Darkness is a new heavy metal band that hit the scene of Los Angeles in early 2019. Living up to their tag line of “we are Living Darkness and so are you,” they have set out to deliver heavy metal with relentless power, passion, and energy. The 5 piece militia consists of dynamic clean vocals, dual lead guitars, and a thunderous rhythm section.  It is few bands that can balance a traditional influence while finding their own sound, image, and vision.

Following last week’s announcement of Los Angeles heavy metal group LIVING DARKNESS signing with Metal Assault Records for the band’s debut album.

Living Darkness will release The Bishop on October 9 via Metal Assault Records. The 42-minute LP boasts ten scorching, face-melting tunes that are most certainly destined to satiate fans of all things sonically heavy, particularly those of the traditional heavy metal ilk.

The band has hereby revealed the cover art for the album.

Here the track list:

1. Pardon Us (intro) (0:44)
2. Stranger Things (3:25)
3. Evil Embrace (4:25)
4. Swimming in A Grave (5:05)
5. Unity in Red (4:10)
6. Destructible (3:32)
7. Angela Rose (5:03)
8. Blood On Fire (5:22)
9. Delusion (4:16)
10. Break The Chains (5:51)
Total Duration: 41:53

Living Darkness had this to say about the signing, the album and immediate future plans:

“We are absolutely ecstatic to be officially part of Metal Assault Records. We wanted to be part of a label that not only would allow us to wave the metal flag, but one that would truly allow us to be who we are as a creative group of musicians. Metal Assault is exactly what Living Darkness needs and we are proud to join forces.

Our debut album titled The Bishop will surely plant a seed into our listeners’ brains. We consider ourselves to be a straight-up heavy metal band. However, we have created a coherent musical world of metal that allows us to get thrashy with tracks like “Swimming in a grave” and “Evil Embrace,” while venturing into more melody with songs like “Delusion” and “Blood On Fire.” We are one of those bands that can have different musical feels without losing our sound.

We will be filming our debut music video soon and we plan to release it prior to our album release. As far as live gigs, we are looking into planning a tour for 2021 and are looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful fucking faces out there. We are always conjuring ways to keep our live shows visually stimulating while delivering some ass kicking heavy metal. As always, we are Living Darkness and so are you.”

Living Darkness links: facebook | instagram

Lyric video “Destructible” made by RCVVisualstudio and Killsound productions: