Liz Gun – Welcome To The Show Album Review

Liz Gun – Welcome To The Show

Album Review By Rainer Kerber

Liz Gun are from Ukraine. Although the collaboration of drummer Alex Lever and singer Olga Lizgunova started several years ago, the official birthday dated July 28, 2018. Probably the day on which the current lineup was complete. Then there were also the first live performances. Musically, the musicians see themselves in the tradition of Hard Rock and AOR. Just over a year later, Liz Gun released their debut album “Welcome To The Show.” I did not hesitate and listened to the album.

Short drum intro on the title track and opener “Welcome To The Show” before popping guitars and punchy bass. Singer and namesake Olga LIZGUNova impresses with a powerful, gritty voice. So I like to be welcomed. Rolle models like Van Halen or Whitesnake can be heard here. Hard Rock is also typical of the ingenious guitar solo, accompanied by a melodic bass line. A great introduction to the album debut. “Walking With Beasts” is a classic midtempo AOR stadium anthem. And bandmate Sergey Dyachok blasts out the next solo. It goes on like this. One anthem after another is fired. Whether it’s a bit calmer and with pop attitude (“We Will Be Saved”), balladesk (“Frankenstein”) or straight rocking (“Gasoline”), Liz Gun master all AOR varieties. The Ukrainians are also experimenting with the sound, without shaking the foundations of the AOR. So, in “What Is Your Wish” funky elements are used. This is followed by the beautiful ballad “In Flames”, which simply seduces to dream. Then the album unfortunately flattens a bit. Even in the pop slushy song “Magic Hares” are again beautiful, dreamy melodies to hear. Nevertheless, this song would have been dispensable. Then “Stay On My Own” is a little bit more rock, but too much influenced by the mainstream, but is enhanced by the voice of Olga a little. Fortunately, the bouncer “Mr.Grumpy” is again a decent rock-rammer.

Liz Gun have made a considerable debut album here. Aside from a period of weakness in the second half, “Welcome To The Show” pays homage to the 80s stadium rock. Musically the band is beyond any doubt. Above all, the singer can inspire with her impressive voice again and again and thus also enhances the slightly weaker songs. If the musicians make greater use of AOR and Hard Rock in the future, a better rating is certainly possible.

Liz Gun – Gasoline:


Olga Lizgunova – Vocal
Sergey Dyachok – Guitar
Dmitry Sergeev – Bass
Alex Lever – Drums

Label: Self released

Out: September 19th, 2019

Playing time: 49:36

Track list:

  • Welcome To The Show
  • Walking With Beasts
  • We Will Be Saved
  • Frankenstein
  • Time Is Comin’
  • Gasoline
  • What Is Your Wish
  • In Flames
  • Magic Hares
  • Stay On My Own
  • Grumpy

Rating : 7.5/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber