Looking For Medusa | New Album ‘Perseus’


Looking For Medusa’s new album ‘Perseus’
available on

Rock City Music Label

As usual, the music of Looking for Medusa offers a wide range of styles ranging from heavy power to more modern metal with their new album “Perseus”

The “Perseus” lyrics also explore various universes: the fantastic, the historical as well as more serious topical subjects touching on the dark sides of humanity.

In summary “Perseus” is a powerful album with hymns cut out for the live.

The vampire has always haunted the collective unconscious, this myth, this legend which had its real inspiration for Bram Stocker, the author of Dracula, in the Countess Erzebeth Bathory who believed that blood brought him eternal youth.His frenzy, his madness which led “the bloody lady” to be walled up alive after having terrorized the region by the murders of young people.His fatal mistake was to take his prey from the gentry. The Emperor, his cousin, could no longer close his eyes.

It is this measure that inspires Looking For Medusa, the writing of the clip made in natural spaces in places steeped in history that recall the landscapes of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the powerful and fast music, the lyrics narrating this painting bloodied by poor innocent people.