LUCER: new album “The New World” out today

Foto credit: Klaus Rudbæk

Today, LUCER is back with their third album “The New World”!

On “The New World”, the pure rock sound that many know from Lucer’s debut album is accompanied by both electrobeats and sync effects – and that is exactly the common thread throughout the album. It’s the sound of rock a la 2022, and a band that has really found their DNA.

On our new album, we still have the song writing in focus rather than the form and sound. This time we have teamed up with one of the most talented producers in Denmark to give the album exactly the universe and the common thread that was a bit missing on “Ghost Town”. We are both harder and at the same time more mainstream than ever before” says bassist, vocalist Lasse Bøgemark.

The new sound is largely due to the collaboration with producer Christoffer Stjerne (H.E.R.O.), who, according to Lucer, have a different approach in the studio than they have been used to. He is not shy on challenging the band and trying out new approaches, and that is exactly what has created “The New World”.

The album has been created during lockdown, so it has been obvious for us to name it after the new world we all live in. The ball has come over on our side, and the 10 songs that are on the album are all an expression of Lucer has landed the place Lucer should be”, Lasse continues.

Like Lucer’s first two albums, the latest in the series is also created with live performances in mind. The Copenhagen rock band has made a name for themselves both at home and abroad with their explosive energy and amazing performances – and it does not stop with “The New World”. On the contrary. “The New World” is concocted by a more adult Lucer, who has found their own way after a few years of searching, and who is now finally ready to present it to the rest of the world – with the big scenes in the spotlight.

“The New World” is out today via Mighty Music in CD and digital formats. It can be purchased here.

Lasse Bøgemark: Vocals & Bass
Anders Bøgemark: Guitar
Kristoffer Kristensen: Guitar
Jonathan Nørgaard: Drums


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“The New World” tracklist:

1. The New World
2. One Of Us
3. No Soul
4. Older
5. Empire
6. Death Wish
7. Revenge
8. White Lies
9. Trouble
10. Only One