LUNARCODE single “PARASITE” available in all streaming platforms!

Upbeat, eclectic rock band, Lunarcode has hit the scene with their dynamic, evolved sounds. Their message to the world is simple, it’s one of personal empowerment and authenticity. With 7 tracks already recorded from chart topping producers, and a collection of cinematic music videos, Lunarcode is sure to claim their space in the industry

Lunarcode was formed in the summer of 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic between guitarist Ronny Minuche, Vocalist and Lyricist Vincenzo Carubia, and drummer Jason Booth. Together they built a sound that is both fresh and original while also containing elements of nostalgia. Classic rock with a pop edge, you are sure to be singing along to these catchy tracks. 

Ronny Minuche – Guitar
Vincenzo Carubia – Vocals / lyrics
Jason Booth – Drums