MAD INVASION go crazy in their new party rock `Crazy & Wild´music

Swedish band MAD INVASION go crazy in their new party rock `Crazy & Wild´music video,featuring special guest Mikkey Dee.

Their debut album drops on September 24, 2021.

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The band´s first full-length album `Edge Of The World´ is issued
for release on September 24, 2021.

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Swedish band MAD INVASION combines classic 70’s hard rock influences with a modern approach and soundscape. The vast experience of the band members as musicians, songwriters and performing artists − includes numerous album releases and tours over the years.

In September MAD INVASION release their long-awaited debut album entitled ’Edge Of The World’, an album that offers a wide range of heavy songs with bone crushing guitars, airy keyboards, and a dynamic rhythm section – adding the final touches to the very distinct MAD INVASION sound. The three first videos also feature special guest Mikkey Dee from Motörhead and Scorpions. Join the MAD INVASION journey and rediscover the golden age of rock – in a new suit of armour.

About the song and video

A head-on groovy rock song with a party mood and high sing-along factor.
The song is based on a older guitar riff that was updated for a more modern purpose.

We used the same two girls in this video as in the previous one ’Devil’s Calling’, both our trademark ’Fallen Angel’ in white (the evil angel) and the girl who is usually our Black Angel (the good angel) but in this video is the ’Party Girl’.

The theme of the song and video is that we all should get a bit crazy once in a while – just because we can. No serious messages, just having fun in the name of rock’n roll. The video was record at Slagthuset in Malmö (Sweden), which is big venue used for both live concerts and exhibitions.

The guitars that were used in the recording were an old Ibanez Destroyer (Björn) and Gibson Les Paul (Hal) together with a classic vintage Marshall amp and speakers from the early 70’s. The guitars are tunes in a 5-semitone-drop which means that a regular E-string becomes a B-tone, and an A-string becomes an E tone. This creates a heavier and more dynamic rock sound but also requires thicker strings (011-052) to be able to carry the lower tones well.

The guitars were recorded in 6-dubbed stereo with Tri-Chorus and Delay, which created the massive and broad sound in the song.

For the vocals we used the amazing Swedish microphone Ehrlund, with an Audio Tube Pre-amp, Audio Tube Compressor and Urei 546 Equalizer.

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