Finnish Rockers MANZANA, GENTLE SAVAGE + RYLOS Announce Next ‘THE ROAD TO NEON WAYLAY’ Co-Headline Shows!

We’re not rich or super famous…
…but we do things with a big heart.

Summer 2022 rock bands Gentle Savage, Manzana and Rylos joined forces to play a bunch of shows together during the upcoming winter season 2022-2023.

These combo evenings go by the name ‘THE ROAD TO NEON WAYLAY’!

The idea was to tour together and to bring the music to the places where the ’local people’ are; at the small music clubs & bars in the dark corners of every village.  

And to be a part of something bigger, to offer something more than just a one band per night experience and to build something that’s called collaboration without selfishness.

With the first shows behind, it’s easy to say that the recipe is good.

Video teaser:

Here’s what the lead vocalists say about the project:

Mikko Heino / Rylos 
“There is a strange likeness between these three bands although every band has it’s own sound and style”.

Tornado Bearstone / Gentle Savage 
“We have the same passion, integrity and loyalty to what we are and what we do”.

Piritta Lumous / Manzana 
“We write and play to our kind; the poor, the misunderstood and the passionate ones”. 

So if YOU don’t buy what the others say, let our music speak to YOU and we’ll share the same language.

Upcoming shows:
7.10.2022 Bar’kki, Anjala
8.10.2022 Haukka, Kotka
20.1.2023 Maanalainen, Tampere
21.1.2023 Totem, Lappeenranta

See you on the Road To Neon Waylay!

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