Mass. Alt/Rock band THE BIND releases “SWELLS” Single & Video

Mass. Alt/Rock band THE BIND releases “SWELLS” Single & Video with SODEH Records. Just try not to move to this groove!

Seriously, just try not to move while listening to this song. I bet you can’t sit still, for the rest of the day! The Bind has done it again, with this hooky, tight-groove, driving, slightly funky, three-piece roar, to follow up their previous release Apples and Oranges.

 “Swells” A song for the surf and breeze! A tune to instantly recall the feeling of being at the beach. Only to be brought back to the melancholy of the everyday. We find our life story in other people as inspiration and tales of caution. Let us regale you with a story of drive and longing. Catchy melody, a beat to dance to and words with inflection. Swells will leave you with that end of the beach day feeling. You have to go, but are coming back.

The family home movie style of the Swells video fits the type of relationship band members have developed over the years. Like family they have stuck together through many highs and lows in life, love, and even a few band break-ups! They have matured together (mostly) from kids to adults with kids while keeping their creative comradery intact, except during the break-ups. Like the band members this video is serious, playful and a bit odd.

“The Bind shows some personality in this video debut! Wanting to remind you of goofy home movies. While recalling the backstage live videos that so many of us remember. Shot at various shows, and around Lucas’ home stomping grounds. Come down by the ocean!” – explains Bryan (Drums)

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In between Boston and Providence, The Bind work out of Taunton, Ma. The Bind exists to bring you a true rock band show and original experience. Drawing on our influences to make a tight-groove with a driving, slightly funky, three-piece roar! This tight knit trio is constantly creating and pushing to find sounds and rhythms that will move you, and move you will!

With many years of writing, jamming, performing and even working together, the musicians have formed a tight brotherhood. This reflects in their energetic, driving live performances. Their sound is Eclectic Rock and The Bind has been compared to such bands as: Incubus, Clutch, The Tragically Hip, Weezer, Stone Temple Pilots and The Police.


Vocals/Guitar: Ryan Begley
Bass: Lucas Hunton
Drums: Bryan Michener