MAYA Drops Unstoppable Hardcore Single “Sangrando”


Live Show in San Jose on June 19th – Follow MAYA for Details HERE

Maya debuts their newest single “Sangrando.” The track sets the tone for a big summer of upcoming announcements as they turn the page to their next chapter. Maya’s towering riffs and commanding screams are enough to pummel you to the ground. Yet underneath this boisterous exterior lies a deep desire to connect with their Latin-X peers through the hardcore community. Maya are no strangers to the grind of the heavy music scene and their broad background makes it possible to make their personal experiences feel tangible, as exemplified on “Sangrando.” This track encapsulates their indestructible determination as a band:

“Sangrando translates to the word Bleeding. For every inch gained there has been a sacrifice. Nothing has ever been handed to us. Sometimes you’ll bleed in an attempt to persevere. That has never discouraged us from our mission.”

Listening to “Sangrando” in your earphones is visceral and Maya knows that their upcoming EP is built for the stage. The band will perform their new tracks in their local stomping ground in San Jose, CA for a live show on June 19th. The mystery location will be unveiled the day of the event. Lucky attendees will have access to a limited pressing of the new EP before the rest of the world. Follow MAYA for the details to be announced soon.

Maya emerged in the summer of 2004 in San Jose, CA. Their formative years launched them to the same stage as some of the biggest names in hardcore as they prospered into prominent figures in the Bay Area local scene. Their close-to-home fanbase quickly expanded to reach across the world, which led to opportunities to tour across the country and throughout Mexico and Central America alongside heavy hitters including Terror, The Acacia Strain, Emmure, and more. These days, the band is tapping into their heritage to share their stories as first generation Mexican and African American musicians from Northern California. Their musical identity is fueled by DIY ethics, respect for their roots, and the determination to share the music they love with a culture that hasn’t always understood it. Their struggle is their inspiration. After two successful album releases to build their name, the band has found their distinctive voice in the fierce world of hardcore and metal with their new record DESPIERTA (Awakening) due to release Summer 2021 on Shark City Recordings.

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