Member Band of the Month Subterannean Masquerade

Member Band of the Month

Subterannean Masquerade

This month we travel along the Mediterranean Sea. Sitting nestled along the southeastern border of the Mediterranean is a  country that is both ancient and young. A country that blends both east and west into something uniquely Israel. In this place that is rich in history, lies a country that is also rich in heavy metal music.

Like the country itself, the band Subterranean Masquerade blends elements from multiple genres to make something that is uniquely their own. The band blends elements from progressive, doom, power, psychedelic and extreme metal to achieve their own sound.

The band was formed in 1997 by guitarist Tomer Pink. Many musicians and guests have taken part in the Masquerade and is rounded out by Eliran Weitzman and Davidavi Doley on vocals, Or Shalevon on guitar, Shai Yallinonkey on keyboards, Golan Farhion on bass and Yalon Schorion on drums.

In 2017, Subterranean Masquerade released their third full-length cd entitled “Vagabond”. As of the first day of 2018, they are hard at work on what will be their next release.

Metalheads Forever is happy and proud to count among our members Subterranean Masquerade vocalist Eliran Weitzman. We all look forward to what they have upcoming for us. If you have not done so yet, check them out and join in the masquerade.


Official Subterranean Masquerade Website

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