Mercy Breheny ‘Just When I Wasn’t Lookin’’ (Single) – Album Review

Mercy Breheny ‘Just When I Wasn’t Lookin’’ (Single)

Album Review By Adam McCann

Power Point Music/Hard Rock

Sometimes, a musician just needs to take a step away from their usual genre and explore other avenues. This is what occurred with Mercy Breheny, the Scottish vocalist of progressive metal band Powerhouse as Breheny takes on the hard rock genre with her latest single release ‘Just When I Wasn’t Lookin’’.

Recently, Breheny has released two other singles, ‘Stressed Out’ and ‘The List’ that although tinged with hard rock, rely more on the darker side of human emotions that are more comfortably at home with heavy metal. But with ‘Just When…’ the Scottish vocalist shows just how much emotion that she can pour into a song; coupling a memorable and enjoyable melody with some sleek production, Breheny brings out a touch of AC/DC with L.A. Guns and Halestorm. But there is something a little raw in the undercurrent that relates to the softer side of NWOBHM as ‘Just When…’ has all the fun of the Girl track ‘My Number’. Alongside some warm vocals, what makes this track so good is that it isn’t guitar led like most hard rock tracks, the bass of Murray Graham provides a fantastic anchor and hook throughout which really aids in making this song memorable.

‘Just When…’ builds on the tracks which Breheny has already released and whilst the Scot shows she can do it over one three tracks, what we really want to see is a full-length album.

Rating : 80/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann