MERLOCK Release New Video For “Behold! The Sword Of Lock”

Photo credit: Adam Darling

Exploring gloomy realms, MERLOCK produce imposing soundscapes that embrace the murky depths. Seeing multiple genres converge, MERLOCK manifest a compelling doom, psychedelic and stoner mix in the new record. Onward Strides Colossus will be released on February 24th, 2023. 

Today the band has revealed a new single, “Behold! The Sword of Lock”.

“Behold! The Sword of Lock” is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. It’s very much about the inherent insanity of pursuing this craft and is an examination of my own death drive. Like, what is it that compels us to hop in this van and sleep and eat like shit and go to battle every night for as long as we can. It’s kind of insane, but it’s also a beautiful, primal path we’ve chosen. The opening riffs are ferocious and brutal, but as the song progresses, they become elegant, holy even.

— Taylor D. Waring

Described by critics as “gloomy and semi-mystical”, “shadowy and mysterious”, and “epic and ever-climbing”, MERLOCK melds stoner doom with heavy psychedelic sounds to create heavy post-doom atmospheres. Formed in 2017 in Spokane, Washington, MERLOCK has self-released 2 EPs and toured the West Coast while continuously demonstrating their willingness to evolve a songwriters and performers. Having weathered line-up changes and the ever-evolving music scene in the post-COVID world, MERLOCK continues to look for new paths forward.
Taylor D. Waring – Guitar / Vox
Andrew Backes  – Bass
Lucas Barrey – Drums

Album Credits:  
Album Art – Leoncio Harmr          
Album Layout – Taylor D. Waring
Engineering and Mixing – Nic Wilbur        
Mastering – Adam Tucker           


Track Listing: 
1. Sovereign Throne 
2. Sunnbarren
3. Behold! The Sword of Lock
4. Where No One Goes
5. Somniloquy
6. Onward Strides Colossus