Melodic metal band DISCONNECTED, influenced by modern metal icons such as Alter Bridge, Gojira, and Deftones, releases the new song “King of the world”, recorded at Studio Caverne (Paris, France) and Jelly Cardarelli’s studio in Darvault (France). Having been mixed and mastered by Jelly Cardarelli and Symheris, the song features a music video directed by Laurent Hart.

The new single comes out after the success of the previous two : ‘Unstoppable’, topping 1.5 millions streams, and ‘Life will always find its way’, both playlisted in 17 countries (Breaking Hard Metal on Apple Music,  TOP OF THE CORE on Spotify …).

DISCONNECTED announced earlier this year that their new album will be released on April 1, 2022 and unveiled the artwork through their social channels.

“This song definitely explores a theme that everybody can relate too. We’ve all met once in our lives this motherf**¨¨r, this person that deeply thinks is better than you, this person that has power over you. This song is for all of those who think that they are stuck in that inferior position towards another, this song is like a scream in a silent night of submission. There’s always a way to overcome despair. If you dare to try, maybe the fear will change sides. Once again it’s about self-respect, and believing in your own strength.

King of the World, wherever you are, whoever you might be, there’s a storm coming for you!” – DISCONNECTED

DISCONNECTED played numerous shows in Europe, opened for Tremonti on his 2018 European tour (24 shows across 17 countries), for Judas Priest in January 2019 (Zenith of Paris), as well as Mass Hysteria in March and November of 2019.

The band will be playing major festivals this summer, including Rock Fest in Barcelona, Wacken Open Air in Germany, and HELLFEST (MAINSTAGE) in France, alongside GUNS’N’ROSES,  METALLICA, MEGADETH,  ALICE COOPER, NIN, etc..

More tour dates will be announced soon.




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