Metallic Hardcore band UNDERNEATH set to release debut EP NOTHING HERE IS HELD SACRED

NOTHING HERE IS HELD SACRED’, the upcoming EP from metallic hardcore band UNDERNEATH, is a potent and volatile example of the chemical explosion that radiates when the fervent energy of hardcore meets the intensity of metal.  With six tracks and a run time of twenty two minutes, the album doubles down on what makes the melding of the genres great: a non-stop barrage of riffs, screaming, and a rhythm section from hell. 

The overall production and mix of the album is raw enough to bring out the natural brutal nature of the songs but just polished enough to keep it from sounding dated by giving it a modern touch. 

UNDERNEATH formed in Pittsburgh, PA with the goal to be better than they were while trying to hone their sound. Aftering pushing themselves to the limit they spent three months writing ‘NOTHING HERE IS HELD SACRED.’  The EP’s single ‘Those That Cheweth Not The Cud’ (Stream on Spotify), provides a ferocious example of what the rest of the EP will bring to the world of  underground music—and what the band is capable of.  


Joey Phillips – Vocals and Guitar
Jaden Barley – Bass
Owen Clark – Guitar

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