Metaphoric Mind releases ‘LCL’ music video & single

LCL” is the 4th single & video by the Italian progressive/djent metal act Metaphoric Mind’.

“LCL” is inspired by the post-apocalyptic, sci-fi universe of the NEON GENESIS EVANGELION anime and manga series. 

In this world, the LCL is an orange-colored liquid that allows the Eva pilots to connect mentally with their Evangelion Unit, so they can fight with it. The song attempts to convey the emotions and the complex thought processes that affect the young protagonist, Shinji, and Rei, who are facing a traumatic life journey destined to intertwine and at the same time dissolve forever.

The video was filmed by Syo The Producer; post-produced by Light&Motion. 

Song its available through all the music streaming platforms:

Metaphoric Mind line up

Melissa Bruschi: vocals
Flavio Salvatori: drums
Paride Fidati: guitars
Diego Masiani: bass


Metaphoric Mind is an Italian progressive metal/djent band. Founded in 2013, the band goes through some line-up changes until 2019: Melissa Bruschi (voice and lyrics), Flavio Salvadori (drums), Paride Fidati (guitar) and Diego Masiani (bass). With this line up the band released in 2020 the first single and videoclip “Beyond”, in 2021 “Tree of Lies” and in 2022 “Underwater”.

The band works on a continuous sound research aimed at experimentation, combining electronic nuances with a deep attachment to djent and modern progressive music and a ton of other influences like ambient, cinematic and pop.

More about Metaphoric Mind: