Mobius Releases New Song and Video

Mobius was founded by three friends on the small French island of La Réunion 700 km east of Madagascar. The study took the founders to Lyon, where they met their singer Héli. In October 2016, the debut album “The Line” was released. Meanwhile, they are working on follow-up album “Kala”, which will be released in the coming winter. As a small appetizer, a video for the first new song was released on June 11th, called “Abhinivesha”.

The band say: “Abhinivesha” is a sanskrit word to express fear of death and of material disappearance. We gave this name to the first single of our coming album “Kala”.

With “Abhinivesha” the French continue where they left off with “The Line”. Technically excellently presented Progressive Metal, with all the strengths and weaknesses of this genre. Catchy melody leads contrast with permanent, sometimes hectic melody and rhythm changes. Filigree instrumental solos alternate with brute-force rhythms. And the produced video clip accompanies this sound storm perfectly. Frequent picture changes, stroboscopic effects and changes in brightness cause visual overstimulation. This is not music that you can hear so casually. The song and the video require the utmost concentration in listening and watching. Especially fans of the prog-metal will be happy about the new song.

MOBIUS – Abhinivesha:


Héli Andrea – Lead Vocals
Adrien Brunet – Drums
Guillaume Deveaux – Keyboards
Xavier Pompon – Guitars
Alexandre Gaudencio – Bass

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