Monobrow’s new album, A Decorative Piece of Time, released on limited editon pink vinyl


2021. Does time mean anything anymore?

As our sense of time becomes more and more distorted, Ottawa’s Monobrow presents a 45-minute respite from the new abnormal, in the form of their fifth opus, A Decorative Piece of Time on Trill or be Trilled Records. In the four orbital spins since 2017’s instrumental rock opera, The Nacarat, Monobrow have continued to further their aural sensibilities, combining both rawness and intricacy into unique alchemy of doom, psych, progressive, and stoner styles. Riff-based and catchy, spacey and atmospheric, Monobrow manage to be both epic and economical, with lengthy tracks wasting nary a second. Their power trio approach is augmented with flourishes of synths and spectral trumpet moans, courtesy of Scott Thompson (The Band Whose Name is a Symbol). The album was engineered by Mike Bond at Wolf Lake Studios, and was mixed and mastered by Topon Das at Apartment 2 Recording.

A Decorative Piece of Time once again features the striking, distinctive artwork of Stephen MacDonald (Task at Hand). It is available as a limited edition, pink vinyl release, as well as in an even more limited deluxe version, featuring silk-screened, alternate artwork.

A Decorative Piece of Time. August 2021.

There are no words.