Montreal’s CroMagnum New Music Video For Title Track Off Upcoming EP “Born Free”

Montreal’s CroMagnum New Music Video For Title Track Off Upcoming EP “Born Free”

Video Premiere via BraveWords

New EP “Born Free” Out Sept 17th, 2021 via King Metal Records

CroMagnum Current Line Up: L-R – Maximus Rex: Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards – Gino LaPosta: Bass

CroMagnum’s “Born Free” is both the monolithic EP and its epic title track. Pleased to finally present the fruits of their labour, the Montreal band presents the title track as its next single in support of their upcoming release. They hope that both the music and its message move listeners to take action in their lives, pushing them to start taking control of their own destiny.

“Born Free” is a creed to live by and its core message is for people to have the absolute necessity to proactively exercise their rights, their liberties and their freedoms. Musically, CroMagnum presents a refined metal attack that is fast-paced and in your face, leaving you with absolutely no chance at being apathetic or indifferent. The band explains the imagery behind the track:

“The very heart of the here and now. That’s what you’re getting with ‘’Born Free’’. A blistering creed splashed in blood on the walls of your city. The wailing cries of the unwashed masses rising from the alleyway. A growing movement of resistance against the restrictions imposed by the unworthy. The beast grows hungry, and it’s time to feed.’’

Compared to their previous record, CroMagnum has become more melodic, adding in a second guitar that has allowed them to push some ideas further than they could with just a single guitar and some pedals. The sound of this EP should be familiar to the listener, but will definitely bring them to new, unexpected and refreshing places.

Fans of classic heavy metal and thrash should prime themselves to unleash the beast that is “Born Free”.

Listen to “Born Free” via its premiere on Bravewords HERE.

The full EP “Born Free” is out on September 17th, 2021 via the band’s own label King Metal Records.

EP pre-order –

In addition to the band’s upcoming EP, vocalist and guitarist Maximus Rex has written a comic book entitled “Bigg Baby: Tales From The Id” in support of the EP, which is available for order at the following link:

Music Video “Tunguska” – 

“Tunguska” single stream and download –  SpotifyApple Music

Track Listing:
1. End Your Slavery (0:53)
2. Born Free (4:14)
3. Waterval Boven (3:41)
4. Tunguska (2:31)
5. Congregation (5:26)
EP Length: 16:47

EP Band Line Up:
Maximus Rex: Guitar, vocals & keyboards
Gino LaPosta: Bass
M.A.D.: Drums

Live Band Line Up:
Maximus Rex: Guitar and vocals
Gino LaPosta: Bass
Drums (TBA)

For more info:

Born of the frosty bowels of Montreal, Quebec, Canada comes CroMagnum, heavy metal from a simpler time. Brutal and unforgiving. Thoughtful and visionary. A forced juxtaposition that leads to an intense listening experience.

CroMagnum started when Maximus Rex and the original drummer parted ways with their previous band with an aim to keep it simple, heavy as fuck and stay as a three-piece. Since then, CroMagnum has evolved into its current form as the main duo of Maximus Rex on guitar and vocals, Gino LaPosta on bass.

With two EPs under their belts, 2014’s self-titled initial release and now 2021’s “Born Free”, CroMagnum embodies the human race’s struggle to climb out of the primordial ooze toward its future ascension to godhood. Lyrical content flows from anger, frustration, history, politics, government corruption, legends, and philosophy, complete with soaring melodies and punishing riffs.

Mythology. Tradition. Evolution. The beginning. The end. CroMagnum.