Motorhead Orgasmatron Album Review By Adam McCann

Motörhead – Orgasmatron

Label – GWR Records

Year of Release – 1986


Stone Dead Forever


1986 found Motörhead in a rather tight spot without a record company following their departure from Bronze Records. It had been a rather turbulent few years, both Brian Robertson and ‘Philthy’ Phil Taylor had left being replaced by Pete Gill on the drums and the first of long term appearances from Phil Campbell and Würzel. Never one to be put out, Lemmy soldiered on, bouncing back with ‘Orgasmatron’.


Although ‘Orgasmatron’ suffers from a relatively muddy production, which does at times hamper the album and other than a few dodgy mid-80’s style ‘oi’s!’, the album stands tall in the face of uncertainty. As an album, it contains classic Motörhead tracks such as ‘Ain’t My Crime’, ‘Doctor Rock’ and the title track as well as coveted fan favourites along the lines of ‘Deaf Forever’, ‘Claw’ and ‘Ridin’ with the Driver’.


Considered by many at the time to be a low point of Motörhead’s career in comparison to the classic line-up, but what ‘Orgasmatron’ shows is Motörhead evolving as a band, the title track in particular shows Lemmy advancing as a songwriter lamenting about politics, religion and war. Not only this, but the album shows a Würzel and Campbell honing their sound alongside Lemmy’s machine gun bass which would push Motörhead into the next decade.




MHF Magazine/Adam McCann