Mystik – ‘Mystik’ Album Review

Mystik – ‘Mystik’

Album Review By Adam McCann

I Hate Records/Heavy Metal

In 2019, we truly do live in a golden age of traditional heavy metal; every week the metal world is treated to a new release from a trad metal band that is able to blow to listener’s socks off. This time, it is Mystik who are releasing their eponymous debut album for our aural pleasure.

‘Mystik’ kicks off exactly as one would expect, a pummelling assault of fast paced drumming and driving guitars that make this album a must have for fans of early Helloween as well as Original Sin and Warlock. This appeal comes from two places, firstly is the low-key production, a muddy sonic attack which brings back all the memories of those early album’s courtesy of Noise Records; secondly are the raw vocals of Julia von Krusenstjerna. von Krusenstjerna’s vocals cut through the mix and give a rather large nod to the Metal Queen herself Doro Pesch as von Krusenstjerna manages to flatter Doro perfect during tracks such as ‘Bleed For The Night’ and ‘Ancient Majesty’ with its perfect singalong chorus. However, ‘Mystik’ is an album that is actually so good, it is difficult to pick a selection of standout tracks, ‘Into Oblivion’ is the perfect opener that shows the world what Mystik are all about, whilst ‘Gallows Hill’ could easy have been released in 1984. Yet, ‘Mystik’ is not all about being a throwback to a by-gone era and as 80’s as it can be, there is still a cutting edge to this album that is able to appeal to fans of modern European metal.

Unfortunately, there will be a lot of albums released by much bigger bands this year whose hype and media coverage will eclipse ‘Mystik’. But for those who go out to get this album, they will not be disappointed because they are guaranteed to be holding one of the best heavy metal albums of the year.

Rating : 88/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann