NATTMARAN and TERROR CROSS Stream New Album At Toilet Ov Hell

NATTMARAN and TERROR CROSS have teamed up with Toilet ov Hell to stream the entirerty of their split album Rise of the Nightmare Terror. The album is set to be released via Wiseblood Records on November 11th, 2022.

Terror Cross said “When NATTMARAN asked us to join forces for evil we did not hesitate! We immediatelly started summoning demons using sexual satanic rites channeled through heavy fucking distortion that will dissolve posers immediately! This split is so evil that every time you play it a priest will fucking die!!! Play it loud as fuck!!!”



Wise Blood Records (USA/Worldwide) and Ironbound Records (Indonesia) present Rise of the Nightmare Terror, a sick and savage split featuring NATTMARAN and TERROR CROSS. Their unholy alliance is a headbanging hellride for fans of ’80s thrash, blackened punk, dungeon metal, and riffs of steel.

NATTMARAN is an international collaboration between shredder Michael Lang and founding vocalist Yoga Beges. Metal Injection said their debut album The Lurking Evil was “full of speed, aggression, and a lyrical hellscape of serial killers, burning witches, and demonic imagery all wrapped up in leather and tied nicely with chains and duct tape.” Finnish trio TERROR CROSS are celebrating a decade of debauchery. Their blackened sleaze metal is primitive and powerful; they’re a battle axe when all you need is a butter knife.

Each band contributes 4 new songs plus a cover. NATTMARAN recruited HELLRIPPER’s James McBain for diabolical guest shouts, then pay homage to BATHORY’s necro opus “In Conspiracy with Satan.” TERROR CROSS counter with a scuzzy rendition of MANOWAR’s “Gloves of Metal.” Blast back to 1984 with this dirty double-threat of hellish heavy metal. 

Available on CD, Cassette, and digital.


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Yoga Beges – Vocals 

Michael Lang – Guitars & Bass

Erlangga Mukti – Drums

Ari Suryanata – Lead Guitar

Drums recorded at Apache Music Studio (Bekasi, Indonesia)

Engineered by Je Aljufri

Guitars and Bass recorded at Studio Disorder (Halmstad, Sweden)

Engineered by Michael Lang

Vocals and Lead Guitar recorded at Rocky Music Studio (Bogor, Indonesia)

Engineered by Raharsh

Mixed and Mastered by Raharsh at Tonesetter Soundlab (Bogor, Indonesia)

Lead Guitar on”Savage Urges” and “In Conspiracy With Satan” by Raharsh


Tom H. Blasphemer – Demonic war commands of Hell and low frequency damnation

Bitchlord – 666-string distortion Hell

Revolver Hellstorm – Assault battery apocalypse

Recorded and Mixed by Ville Holmstrom at Studio Nuuntamo (Finland) in Spring 2022

Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air

Band Photo by Emerik Siimessalmi

Cover Artwork by Akber (IG: @Eye_Dust)

Layout by Yoga Beges (IG: @begesworks)

Track Listing: 

1. Nattmaran -Savage Urges (featuring Hellripper’s James McBain)    
2. Nattmaran – Erupting in Violence    
3. Nattmaran – Burning Heat    
4. Nattmaran – Punished by Death    
5. Nattmaran – Conspiracy With Satan (Bathory cover)    
6. Terror Cross – Mordor    
7. Terror Cross – Fornication and Murder    
8. Terror Cross – Metal Bloody Metal    
9. Terror Cross – Sexual    
10.Terror Cross – Gloves of Metal (Manowar cover)