The melodic metal band NEPTUNE, releases PROTECTOR – the third release from the band’s upcoming EP – THE  REBIRTH. 

NEPTUNE is a band with roots in the 80’s with two full-length albums and an EP released recently. The band is now in the  process of looking back from their heyday in the 80’s and is now releasing 4 of their previous songs in new versions. These  songs are released digitally at 3 week intervals where the songs ENEMIES and READY TO FIGHT have already been released. 

When the band chose to put the instruments on the shelf in the 80’s, a small number of demo cassettes circulated among  collectors and to relive this past time, the band has chosen not to just release some of the older songs in a 2022 package at  The Rebirth. The band has also dug deep into their cassette collection and found several older songs that never came out in  large quantities during the “tape-trading” period back in the eighties. To go all the way, the band chose to release these  newly found “old” songs and their two other full-length releases, LAND OF NORTHERN and NORTHERN STEEL in a slightly  unique collection box – LEGENDS FROM THE NORTH.