NEPTUNE releases – The Rebirth

The melodic metal band NEPTUNE released the EP THE REBIRTH on June 24.

NEPTUNE with their roots in the 80’s with two full-length albums and an EP released recently. The band is now in the process of looking back at their early heyday in the 80’s and is now releasing 4 of their previous songs in new versions.

Sometime during the protracted pandemic, when the band was most tired of not being able to come out and play live, the band decided to dive into their old back catalog and re-record some older songs from the 80’s. Three of them have already been released and today, the last song will be released – Hard to be right.

Even a “lyric video” with a comic & photo book theme has been produced for the song “Hard to be right” where you can follow the band in their history from the early 80’s until today.

Row Alex – Lead & backing vocals
Anders Olsson – Guitars
Tosh Ason – Bass & backing vocals
Johan Rosth – Keyboards
Jonas (Jonzy) Wikström – Drums