New Release | Raul Portugal – Free Your Soul

Released this September, the  “Free Your Soul” EP register the incursion of the brazilian musician Raul Portugal, into the world of Rock ‘n Roll in 4 tracks that were prepared to bring a quality sound and good message to people.

With a background in classical guitar, the musician had already recorded material more focused on World Music, but with “Free Your Soul” Raul Portugal sought to face new challenges, including being the vocalist of his compositions, something the musician hadn’t done yet.

The first composition made for the EP was the track “The Other Side” and it was through it that Raul Portugal caught the attention of musician and producer Julian Barg (Dawn Turbo) who joined the project doing programming and also producing it. In the words of Raul “the work of Julian Barg in production, post production, mix and master is essential for the result we are having in the songs, not only in the audio quality but also in the arrangements and all these ideas come from musical, auditory and technique he has”.

“Going back to playing and starting recording, releasing the first EP and already working on the next one, is like fulfilling a teenager’s dream. But above all, music is part of my life and being a musician is really a privilege. This first EP and some new songs that I didn’t release yet, are inspirations coming from years of studying quantum mechanics and spirituality, where I pass messages of everything I’ve learned, with the intention of helping to improve people’s lives” adds Raul Portugal.

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Photos and graphic art by: Raul Portugal

Vocal, guitars and bass by Raul Portugal
Drum programming, Keyboard and Spoken Voice on “Don’t Be Afraid” by  Julian Barg