New The Halo Trees EP “Reverberations Of A Gloomy Summer”

New The Halo Trees EP “Reverberations Of A Gloomy Summer” almost reaches album length

The Berlin indie rock band The Halo Trees releases an EP as a supplement to their 2021 album “Summergloom”, which is already clearly recognizable as a twin release by the title “Reverberations Of A Gloomy Summer”. The 5 songs of the EP were all created in the course of the “Summergloom” sessions, but didn’t find a place on the album for various reasons – be it because they were stylistically a bit out of the ordinary or because they weren’t finished in time. So “Reverberations Of A Gloomy Summer” sounds a bit more experimental, versatile and stylistically freer than the last album. 

With the Portishead cover “Sour Times” and the two original compositions “Nothing More To Worry About” and “Song Of Compassion”, there are also three bonus tracks on the CD version, which were previously only available as digital releases. All three tracks had already been released as digital singles in the run-up to the album “Summergloom” to bridge the waiting time for the record. For the CD versions, the mix and mastering were reworked once again. The CD is exclusively available in the Winter Solitude Shop and in the
the band’s Bandcamp store!